South Dakota Climate Data

We offer an South Dakota Manual J for $79 in 4-6 hours.  We can also offer South Dakota Manual S $79 and South Dakota Manual D $99.

Below is a collection of South Dakota Climate Data and outdoor design conditions. We included an South Dakota state average of each category at the bottom of the Manual J climate data table. We created this to allow an easy to use free resource for Manual J professionals to use on jobsites, in the field, and while calculating Manual J heat loss and heat gain reports. If you have a custom set of data from South Dakota we would consider adding to the South Dakota Climate Data table simply email it to

We can also create a Manual J using climate data from the tables below. Email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get your South Dakota Manual J taken care of.

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South DakotaElevation in FeetLatitude North DegreesHeating 99% Outdoor Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air 1% Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air Coincident Wet BulbCooling Design Grains 55% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsDaily RatingHeating Design Days 65 degrees/Colling Design Days 50 degrees Ratio
Aberdeen Regional airport129945-128971172431M3.28
Brookings Automated Weather Observation System164744-108671222936M3.55
Buffalo AMOS300246-99265-23-15-8H3.2
Chamberlain AMOS173944-59371121926M2.36
Custer Remote Automatic Meterological Observing System560044-28459-36-28-20H5.56
Ellsworth Air Force Base321544-49265-18-11-3H2.67
Huron Regional airport128944-109173222936M2.73
Mitchell Automated Weather Observation System130244-69073273340M2.53
Pierre Municipal airport172644-6957141118H2.34
Rapid City Regional airport316944-59366-18-10-3H2.7
Sioux Falls, Foss Field142744-88973293643M2.7
Watertown Municipal airport173945-128771222936M3.55
Yanktown, airport133943-39073273441M2.33
South Dakota State Average2154.285714285744.3571428571-7.285714285790.142857142969.42857142866.571428571413.714285714320.8571428571M3.0264285714


South Dakota Climate Data
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South Dakota Climate Data
South Dakota Climate Data
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