Welcome to www.ManualJs.com.  We provide custom Manual J Heat Loss Calcs on any size home for only $79.

How does the process work?  

Simply order your Manual J Here and email your order number, pdf plans, and jobsite address to plans@manualjs.com

How long does a Manual J take?  

We can turn each project around to you in about 4-6 hours if you provide us with an order number, PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage in your initial contact email.

What does it cost for a Manual J Heat Loss Calc? 

What Does a Manual J Cost?

We charge only $79 for a Manual J, on any size plan, anywhere in the United States.  Order Here

Manual J

Manual J was invented by the ACCA or Air Conditioning Contractors or America.  The long version of the report is Manual J8 Residential Load Calculations.  The most commonly used term for the calculation is Manual J.  This is a calculation and report that provides an in depth look at the needs of residential structures load calculations.  This works primarily for residential single family homes and some small commercial Comcheck projects.  You can take the heating and cooling loads provided by a Manual J report and use them to estimate what HVAC equipment your new construction, addition, or alteration might require.

The R value of your insulation, SHGC and U Value of your windows, and data collected from local climate monitoring centers like airports are all used in calculation of a Manual J.  There are also other items that go into each project like occupancy, the directional facing of the front of the home, and other in depth items that are built into the softwares and calculations of a Manual J report.  www.ManualJs.com will handle all of this for you for only $79 for a Manual J heat loss and gain.

Is a Manual J Free? 

Most of the cost associated with the Manual J are skill based.  If you had the knowledge, literature, and software you might be able to create a Manual J for “Free”.  However, the definition of “Free” depends on what your time is worth.  If you get paid $50 an hour as a general contractor, architect, or engineer and work on a Manual J for 3 hours, then the opportunity cost of creating your “Free Manual J” is $150.  This means a $79 Manual J service makes more financial sense.

How is the Manual J calculated?

Through principals, softwares, and calculations spelled out by the ACCA and HVAC Certification Association

What is a Manual J in HVAC? 

A Manual J takes the components of your home and measures them against your climate zone data.  Letting you know the expected heat loss and heat gain in BTUs.  This allows you to then move on to calculations like Manual S equipment Sizing and Manual D duct layout.

Do I need a Manual J Heat Loss?

Your building inspector or building department will have a final say as to whether the Manual J Heat Loss Calculation is mandatory.  However, we see many people having Manual J created even when it is not obligatory.  This allows them to have the piece of mind of knowing how many BTUs they will use to heat and cool their home.

What do you need?

Just send your order confirmation number, pdf plans, and your jobsite address to plans@manualjs.com and we will print off a full size set of plans and start your calculations.

How to advance your career with Manual J?

Manual J is an essential report for many building permits.  By using ManualJs.com as your Manual J service provider we can extend the service offerings of many architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, and just about anyone practicing HVAC or construction trades.  Because of the low cost of only $79 a Manual J heat loss and heat gain calculation is no longer a time or financial burden to you or your construction client so you can offer it to them easily and have the report back to you quickly, in 4-6 hours.  Adding more services to your construction offering adds more enjoyment to your construction clients experience so adding a Manual J to your service offering is a great idea to expand your career options.

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Email order number, PDF Plans, jobsite address, and square footage to plans@manualjs.com