Mississippi Climate Data

We offer an Mississippi Manual J for $79 in 4-6 hours.  We can also offer Mississippi Manual S $79 and Mississippi Manual D $99.

Below is a collection of Mississippi Climate Data and outdoor design conditions. We included an Mississippi state average of each category at the bottom of the Manual J climate data table. We created this to allow an easy to use free resource for Manual J professionals to use on jobsites, in the field, and while calculating Manual J heat loss and heat gain reports. If you have a custom set of data from Mississippi we would consider adding to the Mississippi Climate Data table simply email it to plans@manualjs.com

We can also create a Manual J using climate data from the tables below. Email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to plans@manualjs.com and we will get your Mississippi Manual J taken care of.

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MississippiElevation in FeetLatitude North DegreesHeating 99% Outdoor Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air 1% Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air Coincident Wet BulbCooling Design Grains 55% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsDaily RatingHeating Design Days 65 degrees/Colling Design Days 50 degrees Ratio
Biloxi, Keesler Air Force Base2630359178535966M0.25
Columbus Air Force Base22334259476374350M0.46
Golden Triangle airport26233259377424855M0.49
Greenville Air Force Base13133209377435057M0.47
Greenwood, Leflore airport13534259477445057M0.44
Jackson international airport33132269476384552M0.39
Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi2630359279616875M0.2
Mccomb, Pike Co. airport42331289376394652M0.31
Meridian, Key Field31232269476374451M0.4
Meridian Naval Auxilary Air Station31833269577384551M0.4
Natchez , Hardy Automated Weather Observation System27232289177455158M0.36
Tupelo, C D Lemons airport36134239476344148M0.55
Vicksburg CO10632269578475360M0.34
Mississippi State Average227.62532.2526.37593.37576.812542.062548.62555.375M0.395625
Mississippi Climate Data
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Mississippi Climate Data
Mississippi Climate Data
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