Minnesota Climate Data

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Below is a collection of Minnesota Climate Data and outdoor design conditions. We included an Minnesota state average of each category at the bottom of the Manual J climate data table. We created this to allow an easy to use free resource for Manual J professionals to use on jobsites, in the field, and while calculating Manual J heat loss and heat gain reports. If you have a custom set of data from Minnesota we would consider adding to the Minnesota Climate Data table simply email it to plans@manualjs.com

We can also create a Manual J using climate data from the tables below. Email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to plans@manualjs.com and we will get your Minnesota Manual J taken care of.

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MinnesotaElevation in FeetLatitude North DegreesHeating 99% Outdoor Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air 1% Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air Coincident Wet BulbCooling Design Grains 55% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsDaily RatingHeating Design Days 65 degrees/Colling Design Days 50 degrees Ratio
Aitkin NDB Automated Weather Observation System120447-158273364350M5.35
Albert Lea Automated Weather Observation System125744-78672293643M2.87
Alexandria, Municipal airport143046-148671192532M3.69
Austin Municipal airport123044-78674364350M2.98
Baudette international airport108349-198269142027M5.55
Bemidji Municipal airport137848-17846881522M5.03
Benson Municipal airport104045-118871182532M3.12
Brainerd, airport122746-128470192633M4.05
Cambridge Municipal airport94246-118873273441M3.6
Cloquet Automated Weather Observation System128047-128269182531M5.86
Crane Lake Automated Weather Observation System114846-18826761219M5.76
Crookston Municipal airport89648-198470192532M4.88
Detroit Lakes Automated Weather Observation System139847-168469162330M4.02
Duluth Harbor CGS61047-88270222935L4.79
Duluth international airport141747-14816891623M5.83
Ely Municipal airport149348-208269142128M6.33
Eveleth Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System138147-17826761320M5.88
Fairmont Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System116144-68672263340M2.89
Faribault Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System105644-98673323946M3.04
Fergus Falls Automated Weather Observation System118446-138671202633M3.25
Flying Cloud92845-48874323845M2.46
Fosston Automated Weather Observation System127348-18846861320M4.91
Glenwood Automated Surface Observation System139446-118673303744M3.3
Grand Marais Municipal airport179848-11796531017M7.96
Grand Rapids Automated Weather Observation System135547-15826771421M5.47
Hibbing, Chisholm-Hibbing airport135847-188268101724M6.41
Hutchinson Automated Weather Observation System106045-108872243138M3.15
International Falls international airport118449-21836881421M6.02
Litchfield Municipal airport113845-98572263339M3.25
Little Falls Automated Weather Observation System112246-128771212734M3.78
Mankato Automated Weather Observation System102044-88672233036M2.96
Ryan Field Automated Weather Observation System117844-88872232936M3.06
Minneapolis-St Paul international airport83745-88872243138M2.69
Minneapolis, Anoka Co. Blaine airport91245-48874334047M2.84
Minneapolis, Crystal airport86945-48873263340M2.74
Montevideo Automated Weather Observation System103345-98873313845M3.06
Mora Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System101446-118670172431M4.01
Morris Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System113846-138573323946M3.87
New Ulm Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System101044-88873293642M2.9
Owatonna Automated Weather Observation System114844-88673303744M2.97
Park Rapids Municipal airport144447-178469152128M4.65
Pequot Lake AMOS128047-17856871320M4.87
Pipestone Automated Weather Observation System173644-88673344148M3.11
Princeton Municipal airport100446-88871182532M3.33
Red Wing78445-88873283542M2.91
Redwood Falls Municipal airport103045-118973263340M2.82
Rochester international airport131944-98572283542M3.31
Roseau Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System106049-208371253239M5.45
Silver Bay108647-1481661815M7.67
South St. Paul Municipal airport82045-68873253239M2.67
St Cloud Regional airport102446-138771212734M3.75
St. James Municipal airport106644-48873283542M2.55
St. Paul Downtown airport71245-88873303744M2.79
Thief River Automated Weather Observation System111548-188268111825M5.09
Tofte Remote Automatic Meterological Observing System79148-97562-9-24L8.82
Two Harbors107647-118169172431M6.43
Wheaton NDB Automated Weather Observation System102746-138672253239M3.66
Winona Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System65644-48973263340M2.46
Worthington Automated Weather Observation System157544-78571233037M3.22
Minnesota State Average1132.523809523846.0317460317-11.806451612984.936507936570.587301587320.111111111126.904761904833.8095238095M4.2404761905


Minnesota Climate Data
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Minnesota Climate Data
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