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Does your organization or you desire a learning program to generate Manual J Heat Loss and Gain reports yourself? delivers intensive coursework for you or your staff anywhere nationwide. offers comprehensive training solutions to help your employees become proficient in Manual J energy reports. Our nationally trained experts can guide you through the Manual J process, teach you the latest advancements in the system, and provide hands-on training. 

Contact us today for custom pricing and training options. has been cognizant of all major advances of the Manual J reporting system since the late 1900’s. If you would like to learn the latest advancements in the system and become proficient in an energy audit system with hands on training call today.  Manual Js will only become more obligatory for permits, construction, and the HVAC industry in years to come.

Manual J classes are training courses that teach HVAC professionals how to perform load calculations in accordance with the ACCA Manual J 8th Edition standard. Manual J load calculations are required by national building codes and most state and local jurisdictions to ensure that HVAC systems are properly sized.

Manual J classes typically cover the following topics:

Indoor and outdoor design temperatures
Heat transfer principles
Building construction methods and materials
Insulation and infiltration
Ventilation requirements
Fenestration (windows and doors)
Load calculation procedures

In person Manual J classes are offered by You may also find that some community colleges and technical schools also offer Manual J classes.

Manual J classes can be taken in person. In-person classes typically last two days and include hands-on exercises. 

Once you have successfully completed a Manual J class, you will be able to perform load calculations for single-family detached homes, small multi-unit structures, condominiums, townhouses, and manufactured homes. You will also be able to design ducted distribution systems and select HVAC equipment that is properly sized for the specific needs of the building.

Here are some of the benefits of taking a Manual J class:

Learn how to perform accurate load calculations, which is essential for designing efficient and effective HVAC systems.
Meet the requirements of national building codes and most state and local jurisdictions.
Increase your job prospects and earning potential.
Improve your professional reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable HVAC professional.
If you are interested in taking a Manual J class, you can search for training providers in your area or online.

Also if you just need a limited number of Manual J reports we can offer them for $79 each.  It takes 4-6 hours to create a Manual J report from and we can invoice you when they are ready.  Simply email PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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