Maine Climate Data

We offer an Maine Manual J for $79 in 4-6 hours.  We can also offer Maine Manual S $79 and Maine Manual D $99.

Below is a collection of Maine Climate Data and outdoor design conditions. We included an Maine state average of each category at the bottom of the Manual J climate data table. We created this to allow an easy to use free resource for Manual J professionals to use on jobsites, in the field, and while calculating Manual J heat loss and heat gain reports. If you have a custom set of data from Maine we would consider adding to the Maine Climate Data table simply email it to

We can also create a Manual J using climate data from the tables below. Email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get your Maine Manual J taken care of.

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MaineElevation in FeetLatitude North DegreesHeating 99% Outdoor Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air 1% Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air Coincident Wet BulbCooling Design Grains 55% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsDaily RatingHeating Design Days 65 degrees/Colling Design Days 50 degrees Ratio
Augusta airport3614418469121926M3.33
Bangor international airport19445-28469111825M3.66
Bar Harbor Automated Weather Observation System8544179661815M4.65
Brunswick Naval Auxilary Air Station754428369121925M3.35
Caribou Municipal airport62347-10816741117M6.04
Greenville AMOS103745-981660714M5.42
Houlton international airport47646-11826861320M5.69
Loring Air Force Base DD)74546–980663916M3.77
Loring Air Force Base, Limeston74547-1081663916M6.16
Millinocket airport41345–9836881421M4.88
Northern Aroostook Regional airport101447-97965-1613M6.74
Portland International l Jetport624448470162229M3.34
Presque Isle Municipal airport53547-1482660613M6.12
Rockland, Knox Automated Weather Observation System56443796651218M4.8
Sanford Municipal airport Automated Weather Observation System243430856991623M3.81
Waterville Automated Weather Observation System33145-18269132026M3.88
Wiscasset Municipal airport694418269162329M3.9
Maine State Average405.842105263245-3.437582.105263157967.73684210537.631578947414.368421052621.1052631579M4.5494736842


Maine Climate Data
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Maine Climate Data
Maine Climate Data
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