Florida Climate Data

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Below is a collection of Florida Climate Data and outdoor design conditions. We included an Florida state average of each category at the bottom of the Manual J climate data table. We created this to allow an easy to use free resource for Manual J professionals to use on jobsites, in the field, and while calculating Manual J heat loss and heat gain reports. If you have a custom set of data from Florida we would consider adding to the Florida Climate Data table simply email it to plans@manualjs.com

We can also create a Manual J using climate data from the tables below. Email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to plans@manualjs.com and we will get your Florida Manual J taken care of.

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FloridaElevation in FeetLatitude North DegreesHeating 99% Outdoor Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air 1% Dry BulbCooling Outdoor Air Coincident Wet BulbCooling Design Grains 55% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsCooling Design Grains 45% Relative Humidity IndoorsDaily RatingHeating Design Days 65 degrees/Colling Design Days 50 degrees Ratio
Apalachicola Municipal airport2030369078556268L0.18
Belle Glade1726449176404753M0.04
Cape Kennedy airport1028429078546168L0.08
Cape San Blas730408677556168L0.23
Crestview Bob Sikes airport18431289376354248M0.3
Cross City airport4330319277445057M0.18
Daytona Beach international airport4329399177465359M0.1
Destin Ft. Walton2330379078556168L0.18
Eglin Air Force Base / Valparais6630339177465259L0.22
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood international airport1026519178556269L0.01
Fort Myers Page Field2027469377445157M0.03
Fort Pierce2527429078546168M0.06
Gainesville Regional airport16430339276414754M0.16
Homestead Air Force Base1625509079606773L0.02
Hurlburt Field3930339178546067L0.22
Jaksonville, Cecil Field8930349476354248M0.16
Jacksonville international airport3330339377445157M0.19
Jacksonville Naval Auxilary Air Station2330369377394653M0.13
Jacksonville, Craig Municipal airport4330359177465259M0.18
Key West international airport2025589079626975L0.01
Lakeland CO21428419176404754M0.05
Macdill Air Force Base, Tampa2628449277445157L0.06
Marathon airport725579180667279L0.01
Mayport Naval Auxilary Air Station1330399278485562M0.13
Melbourne Regional airport2628439178566269M0.05
Miami international airport3026529178505763L0.01
Miami Beach CO825488977505663L0.02
Miami / Kendall-Tamiami airport1026499178505663M0.02
Milton, Whiting Field Naval Auxilary Air Station20030319377445057M0.29
Molasses Reef3625578677556268L0.01
Naples Municipal2326479077505763L0.03
Naval Auxilary Air StationA Shuttle Facility1029429078525966M0.07
Ocala Muni Automated Weather Observation System8929349275344148M0.14
Orlando Executive airport11229449376374450M0.06
Orlando international airport10528429276404653M0.07
Orlando Sanford airport5629429375313844M0.08
Panama City Bay Co.2030369177465259L0.17
Pensacola Forest Sherman Naval Auxilary Air Station3030329178535966M0.22
Pensacola Regional airport11830339277485461L0.21
Sarasota Bradenton3327449179606673L0.05
Sombrero Key12125598778606673L0
St Augsutine airport1030379078515764L0.16
St Petersburg / Clearwater1028469278536066L0.05
Petersburgh / Clearwater DD)3027439279586471M0.05
Tallahassee Regional airport6930299476374350M0.23
Tampa International airport1028439177485461L0.06
Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City2330369079586471L0.18
Valpariso, Eglin Air Force Base6630339177465259L0.22
Venice Pier1627468778606773L0.06
Vero Beach Municipal airport3028439178525865M0.05
West Palm Beach international airport2027489078525965L0.02
Whiting Field Naval Auxilary Air Station20031319377424956M0.24
Florida State Average51.339622641528.32075471740.943396226491.037735849177.339622641548.528301886855.037735849161.6981132075M0.1103773585


Florida Climate Data
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Florida Climate Data
Florida Climate Data
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