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Welcome to  We are the top provider of Delaware Manual J Heat Loss Calcs.

We provide custom Manual J Heat Loss Calcs on any size home for only $69.

Our Manual J is superior to any other offering on the market because instead of looking at the structure as a whole, we give you a separate Manual J for each room in the home.  Otherwise known as a Room by Room Manual J for only $69.

Included with each room is a graph that shows the time of day that the room will use the most energy and a pie chart that shows which components use the most energy.

Most companies charge 3x as much for a similar report, but we just want to make sure that people can build the most efficient homes possible.  We are confident that a Manual J Heat Loss calc for each room in your home will allow you to this.

How does the process work?  Simply order your Manual J Here and email your plans to

How long does it take?  We can turn each project around to you in about 12 hours or less.

What does it cost?  Only $69 for any size plan

What if I have changes?  If your construction plans change we will modify your report for you free of charge

What do you need?  Just send us a set of plans and your jobsite address to and we will print off a full size set of plans and start your calculations.

What if I need it faster than 12 hours?  Just let us know, and we can prioritize your order.  We are in the business for you, the customer.